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Názor ke článku Nový iPhone 3G - specifikace a cena od carsbroken - your old car can create risk for you......

  • 30. 6. 2016 12:57

    carsbroken (neregistrovaný)

    your old car can create risk for you... do you know how?
    If you have an old car or junk car, it can break down anywhere, if on that time you are alone on a road in night and no one is available there then what? That night can be your horrible night of your life. So just take a new car.
    Because the parts of new cars are easily available in market and old car's parts are rarely available. So just one time think about it sir/ma'am. Yes, we (CarsBroken) know you can maintain your car very well but remember your car is a machine. It can stop anywhere without your permission... am I right? You have to buy a new car. It’s good for you and your family and your safe and secure future.

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