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  • 2. 3. 2017 16:29


    We need to pay competent teachers enough so they have a real choice between teaching and working as computer programmers in the business world. Teaching needs to be an option for the top 25% of students graduating from college, not for "those who can, do; those who can't, teach." As an essay typer reports, competence in the field taught should be the first requirement for teachers, because without that competence, knowing how to plan lessons and give tests is useless. A person competent in the field is likely to have an enthusiasm that is catching.

    Learning a second or third language should start in the early grades, even pre-school; math and computer science are similar to a language. By the time a student takes "computer science" as a course, the student should have a concept of what computer language is and how it differs from knowing how to use an I-pod, etc.

    Knowing to to type is not the same as being able to build a typewriter! (That's an analogy those of us age 70+ can understand).