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  • 31. 7. 2020 8:45


    As Sam's tongue entered my mouth, I thought it couldn't get any better than this. Our entwined bodies were moving in perfect harmony and Sam's soft lips and tongue were teasing and caressing my own. Her nipples were poking into my chest and her arms and legs were wrapped tightly around me.
    "Oh, Justin," she moaned, pulling her lips from mine, "you feel so good. Please don't go any faster. Just keep doing it like this."

    I had no problem listening to her. I couldn't believe how good this felt, and not just the sex. Having Sam this close to me, her sweaty body wrapped around mine and her warm flesh sucking me into her, was. She was moaning and purring in my ear as our bodies moved as one.

    Looking down at her, I smiled at the sight of her perfect lips slightly parted and her face flushed with passion. Her long hair was fanned across my pillows and her eyes were closed as we made love in the soft glow of the candles.

    Sam had mentioned making love when we started. I wasn't sure if that's what we were doing at this point, but right now there was no doubt we were making love. I'd never thought of my first time really being anything but sex and getting off, but this was even better https://hotmyfreecams.com/ .

    Sam opened her eyes and stared up at me, her lips curling into a soft smile.

    I said, "Samantha, you're so beautiful."

    "You ... you're not just saying that because we're—"

    "No, I mean it." I paused and moaned as I felt my body tensing. "You're absolutely beautiful https://freeadultpornlist.com/category/amateur-porn-sites/ ."

    "I—oh!" Her legs tightened around me and her hips moved faster. "Please don't stop, Justin! Please keep going! I ... I want to cum with you inside me."

    Her words sent a thrill though me. Even as I felt my own orgasm building, I fought to not move any faster. I was using long, slow strokes, and I felt Sam's back arch and her hips push into me. She was whimpering in my ear and her thighs were trembling against my sides. I was shaking as well with the effort to hold back as long as possible.