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Názor ke článku Nejslavnější internetová legenda z druhé strany! od Zdenek - Franto, zapoměl jsi na pana Pinyana (aka Mr.Hands),...

  • 15. 1. 2007 16:33

    Zdenek (neregistrovaný)

    Franto, zapoměl jsi na pana Pinyana (aka Mr.Hands), díky němuž mají USáci velice zajímavý SB 6417. :)

    Pinyan was the passive partner in an act of sexual penetration by a stallion videotaped by a friend. This was the only incident of its kind in the state's history, and it could be said the human, who died from internal injuries, was the victim of his own act. Police concluded there was no evidence of animal abuse and that the only crime was the relatively minor one of trespass. None the less, almost instantly, legislation was proposed in a form of moral panic, covering every aspect conceivable: the act, the videotaping of the act, the knowing granting of permission for the act, the observing of the act.